The Hot Metabolism Secret Revealed

Lifestyle! It’s the answer. You just can’t escape the idea that lifestyle is the answer to weight and fitness issues.

When I was young, I had the routine, the lifestyle, of going to the gym and working out with weights. I wanted to build strength, muscle mass and put on a few pounds. I also played tennis several times a week.

By the time I was middle aged, my main exercise was the fiddling that I did several times a day. That, along with a vegetarian diet, supplemented with superfoods, was enough to keep me well.

Over the past five years, I can see that I’m losing the battle against cortisol induced weight gain. I long for a magic pill or food that will solve this problem. But, I don’t believe it exists. It appears that a lifestyle adjustment needs to be made. I’m not fit as a fiddler these days.

Enter Carolyn Hansen, stage right. She has in her hand an ebook, a special report. The title is The Secret Fire Within, Hot Metabolism–A Metabolic Fitness System.

I love it when someone claims to have a secret. Something in me says, “Oh yeah? Show me something I don’t know.”

This concise ebook tells you something you don’t know and tells it in a way that is clear and to the point. It makes the information real.

The recommendations that follow the analysis of what the problem really is consist of a few simple activities. These activities comprise, for most of us, a slight change in lifestyle. These activities will heat up your metabolism.

Is a hot metabolism a good thing? If you want to be trim and fit, smart and active, yes , it’s a good thing.

In addition to the drawings toward the end to illustrate some simple exercises that will build muscle, there are recommendations about water, air and natural light. This part could be developed a little more, perhaps, but the logical support is in place. And the activities are simple, anyway.

My involvement with Tom Goode’s full wave breathwork inclines me towards more development of this side. The aspect of subtle energy and water makes me want more on that topic. But, all that is just personal preference. There is enough to get you into action. That’s what counts.

The one element that Carolyn Hansen does not explore is self-discipline. The cultivation of a good new habit that leads to a change in lifestyle is anything but easy.

There are a few self-improvement teachers who focus on discipline, Stuart Wilde and Jim Rohn come to mind, for example. But, there are too many who suggest that a simple activity that is easy to do will solve all your problems.

The one idea that really hit me from The Secret Fire Within is about getting up from a quiet activity, like reading or writing, and moving around vigorously. Just do something, might be the slogan.

Whereas, before reading this, I had in mind setting aside at least twenty minutes to do something, now I only require a few minutes. And I do this more often, taking breaks from the more passive things that come so naturally to me. Reading a book, or reading online, can take over a lot of my time if I let it.

One last thing, as I am providing a link to the web site where you can get this excellent little book. It’s a promotional campaign that is like one of those nested series of Russian Matrushka dolls. There’s something inside something inside something.

I get so tired of this. Sometimes I just bail out before purchasing the simple thing that I wanted. Other times, I’ll hang in there and get what I want.

With that caution in mind, you can have the same experience I had by clicking here.

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