Tonics in the Superfood Era

Tonics as Superfoods

Revised October 21, 2016

When I started writing in this blog, the big revolution was in low temperature drying of superfood nutrients. That has become almost standard at the health food stores.

Technology marches on. Now the buzz is about structured molecules. I believe it started with Buckminster Fuller. In addition to the famous geodesic dome, he developed what he called the “fullerene.” Everyone else calls it the “buckyball.” It’s a structured group of carbon atoms. He came up with a spherical structure. Others saw how it resembled a soccer ball, hence, buckyball.

If you ever picked up Pente water to drink, you took a structured water molecule to hydrate your cells. It’s possible that the first structured water was Willard water. Water can apparently be influenced in its structure by emotions, according to the study of  Masaru Emoto.

From there it’s not too big a leap to see how tonics could be structured to improve their health enhancing effect. That’s exactly what Victory Nutrition has done with their Prodovite vitamin and mineral tonic.

There are other products too. I hope I get the opportunity to review all of them. Soon I’ll post my own personal experience with Prodovite. For now here is more explanation:

Here it is October 21, 2016 and I’m still taking Prodovite. I never did really get into promoting, or even advocating it. So my endorsement is very faint praise. And yet, I took a good slug this morning. I’m content with being the change I want to see in this world.


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