10 Places MSG is Hiding Out in Your Food

You cannot depend on food processing manufacturers to to reveal the MSG in their products. This excitotoxin has a bad reputation. Many people would chose to avoid it.

Label reading is a fine art, requiring good visual accuity. Here is a list of ingredients that give away the concealment, according to the July 09 issue of Delicious Living.

1. Autolyzed yeast
2. Calcium caseinate
3. Gelatin
4. Glutamate
5. Glutamic acid
6. Hydrolyzed protein, (wheat, soy, or vegetable)
7. Monopotassium glutamate
8. Sodium caseinate
9. Textured protein
10. Hydrolyzed corn gluten

They warn that “MSG is linked to migraine headaches…and hyperactivity in children. If you see hydrolyzed in an ingredients list, the product contains MSG.”

I’ve been weaning myself off of MSG for a while. Lots of fun foods have it.

We tend to think that Chinese take-out is a vehicle for MSG. But, I’ve gotten the same denial from the Chinese food places I frequent, that they don’t use it.

Hmmm. What is it Dr. House says? “Everybody lies.”

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