Tonics in the Superfood Era

Tonics as Superfoods

Revised October 21, 2016

When I started writing in this blog, the big revolution was in low temperature drying of superfood nutrients. That has become almost standard at the health food stores.

Technology marches on. Now the buzz is about structured molecules. I believe it started with Buckminster Fuller. In addition to the famous geodesic dome, he developed what he called the “fullerene.” Everyone else calls it the “buckyball.” It’s a structured group of carbon atoms. He came up with a spherical structure. Others saw how it resembled a soccer ball, hence, buckyball.

If you ever picked up Pente water to drink, you took a structured water molecule to hydrate your cells. It’s possible that the first structured water was Willard water. Water can apparently be influenced in its structure by emotions, according to the study of  Masaru Emoto.

From there it’s not too big a leap to see how tonics could be structured to improve their health enhancing effect. That’s exactly what Victory Nutrition has done with their Prodovite vitamin and mineral tonic.

There are other products too. I hope I get the opportunity to review all of them. Soon I’ll post my own personal experience with Prodovite. For now here is more explanation:

Here it is October 21, 2016 and I’m still taking Prodovite. I never did really get into promoting, or even advocating it. So my endorsement is very faint praise. And yet, I took a good slug this morning. I’m content with being the change I want to see in this world.


Moringa Seedlings Get Started in Palm Harbor

Moringa Seedlings

When the seedlings came they were in excellent shape. They only had to travel a little ways up the coast in Florida from Bradenton to Palm Harbor.

The immediate impetus that lead me to order the seedlings from I Love Moringa was a video about the development and use of moringa in third world countries. You can see this same video at Moringa Documentary Video.

Not everyone would order the seedlings, since they are cold sensitive. The vendor says they can survive a frost, but, not a hard freeze.

I haven’t seen a hard freeze in my neighborhood since I moved in. I believe the nearness to Lake Tarpon, and the abundance of tree cover keeps the ambient air a little warmer than it otherwise might be in the winter.

Still, it could happen. You never know. Break out the smudge pots. (Ha, ha.)

You can see what they look like in the photo. Only about eight inches high. They sure don’t look like trees yet.

I’m suppose to keep them in the pot for 10 days before planting them.

One pot has three little moringa seedlings, the other two, one each.

One pot has three little moringa seedlings, the other two, one each.

Superfoods Going Mainstream

An article in the print edition of USA Weekend caught my attention. Key to Your Shopping List: Superfoods.

As I said in the comment for the short article most people would question lentils or dates as qualifying for superfood status. Compare to spirulina or bee pollen, for example. Or quinoa.

Maybe it’s in what is the comparison. Eat a Twinkie or a few dates and walnuts. Hmmm?
Okay. Dates and walnuts are superfoods by comparison.

Another way to enhance your nutrition from your veggies is to grow them yourself.
Or, know someone who does and can share them.

A growing phenomenon of “market gardening” is bringing higher quality food to market.
You just have to find it. Try looking for gardening coops and food coops in your area.

In my area it’s Dunedin Harvest and New Port Richey who are active in this.

Pets and Superfoods

Pets sometimes have problems that can be effectively treated with superfoods and herbs. Here is a way you, as their owner, can help them when they need it.

You don’t want to give them the harsh products that a vet may prescribe, unless it’s the last resort. You may also not have the money to spend on them when they need help.

When you have a pet that needs to have some help, you may want to get them some herbal remedies. You will find many herbs for are the same as those for humans. When you can get the herbal treatments that are recommended especially for a pet, they can feel good again. You feel good, too, about sharing a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Many pets have aches and pains. When you notice that your pet is having a hard time with this, you should think of these herbal remedies as a first aid. Remember, “Do no harm” can apply to your pets too.

Where do you get the herbal treatments for your animals? The health food store would be a first choice. They have nutritional supplements in different forms. You can get a liquid, or a powder that can be mixed in their favorite food.

Certain superfoods help them naturally. Nutritional yeast and spirulina are two that come to mind.

There are vets who specialize in these natural treatments. Your local health food store may know of one. Try one of the herbal shops that you see. You can ask them for advice and what they think will work the best.

Some people order on the Internet and get great deals on certain things that they need to make their pets feel better. Your pet my not directly appreciate and understand the extra effort you go to for this kind of treatment. But, you will feel good about helping them in a very natural way.